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Samples shown here of residential and commercial
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Lloyds Interior Painting Service:

To provide protection of  the interior area we cover everything with drop 
cloths, plastic and tape as necessary to protect the interior. All surfaces
to be painted are prepared as the painted surfaces demand with spacking, 
sanding caulking, and priming with a base coat to offer the best surface
possible. The surfaces are primed wtih stain additives to kill stains, and         
mildew. Drywall and plaster are perpared and if damage exist we repair the
damage and when painted it looks new again. We remove wallpaper and clean the wall and make it ready for painting.
We use premium quality paints and materials to best protect the furniture in your home and/or office.

We provide examples of color schemes, stains, and surfaces for the a variety interior applications

Lloyds will provide you with a professional painting job, we understand what makes interior painting.
Craftsmanship, and quality painting, are the elements to make your project a success.
Also, protecting your belongings, staying within your budget and meeting your schedule is our top priority.  

Lloyd's Painting will provide you with a portfolio of our past projects as well as references so you will know what you can expect from Lloyds. Our professional painting consultants will walk you through each step that we take in order to give you a better understanding of our painting process.