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We offer a variety of exterior services from deck construction, painting,
stainning, pressure washing, different types of construction, and refinishing.
Lloyds Exterior Painting Preparations:
We clean and wash the exterior surfaces to prepare the base for the best result. Depending on the surface
and the condition we will pressure wash, or hand wash to remove the algae, dirt, grime, and mildew.
All loose paint is scraped, glossy areas are sanded and open gaps are caulked to prevent water damage.

The exterior is primed if we deem it necessary or if your contract calls for the base primer. Quality paints
and materials are always used to provide the best finish and end result.

Problem area are repaired, primed, sanded, and premium quality paint is applied  for a smooth  finish.
Lloyds takes pride in leaving your home clean; trash removal, paint scrpae chips cleaned from your srubs, 
lawn, walkways, flower beds, and drive way.

Walk Thru Inspection:
After Lloyds inspection, we invite you the owner to inspect our work, we ask for your approval and if any
areas are not to your satisifaction Lloyds will resolve the issue and make it right.